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Sunday, January 10, 2021

BECOME CENSOR PROOF: Are You Ready For Communist Style Censorship? #GeorgeNews


  From "Man in America"

FRIENDS: Big Tech are really ramping things up. Parler has been deleted from Google and the APP store and Amazon is going to delete it from its servers. Within days, we may lose our ability to communicate. 

Please create accounts on and urgently. Both have their own servers, phone Apps, and browser versions. Also, immediately disable iOs (iPhone) updates as Apple may be planning to block emergency communications!! 

Please take this seriously. Delete Facebook and hit them where it hurts. There isn't much time. Tell everyone!


SECURE MESSAGING: Facebook owns WhatsApp. Jack Dorsey endorses Signal. They cannot be trusted. Please act now and replace them with It has great messaging functionality as well as video and audio calling. It's 1000% private, secure, and uncensored.


INTERNET BROWSERS: Firefox has announced that it will also partake in the Big Tech purge that's happening as we speak. Chrome and Safari will undoubtedly follow. This means they won't even let you visit sites they deem "unsafe". Urgently download uncensored browsers: and Gab's Dissenter. If you don't do this now, you may not be able to in the future. Don't wait. This is REAL.

IOS and ANDROID: Turn off auto-updates! They are planning to block the emergency broadcast system.

EMAIL: GET OFF GMAIL/ YAHOO etc. Switch to Protonmail. Gmail can even censor emails and block your ability to communicate. 

SAFECHAT: Created by a team who have suffered under communism. They are doing everything they can to protect our freedom of speech. They own their own servers, have military-grade encryption and security, and will NEVER try to silence our voices.

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