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Monday, March 15, 2021


INFINITE PLANE RADIO is having a Great Reset this week. The plan is to improve everything, solidify formats, and set a stable and predictable course to take us into the future.

Here are a few things that are being upgraded:

  1. The phone system: no more Google Voice ringer. No more repeated call-in attempts. We have a caller-queue, voice mail capability, and audio conferencing. The number remains the same (811-311-1984.)
  2. The primary website, INFINITE PLANE.MEDIA is going to incorporate audio, video, blogs, news reports, publishing, and a Community Forum. It will be better suited for our artists and musicians to be found by listeners and to facilitate dialogue overall with the public who may not be a part of the IPS. 
  3. Breaking News Briefs will be cycled into the IPR 24-7 streams: The aim is to incorporate real-time autohoaxing. Additionally, the plan includes MORE voices, so I'll be recruiting autohoaxing newsreaders from among our reporters. 
  4. Infinite Plane Radio will have a SHOW CLOCK/ CALENDAR, and we're streamlining the archives.
  5. PRINT NEWSPAPER. Print is not dead. Infinite Plane Media will demonstrate this in 2021. We have a plan for an uncensored, unregulated, twice-monthly print newspaper.
  6. STRUCTURE-- The future structure of Infinite Plane Society, the radio programs, the multimedia productions, etc, is going to be clarified so that moving forward, it's clear who we are, where we came from, and where we are taking this. This means-- MUSIC , PODCASTS, and LIVESTREAMS at designated hours. This opens the doors to Virtual DJs, to host IPR during my off-hours.
  7. and other related projects will be going back into production. 

My role is the same as it has been. But I'm merging with my role as Production Manager at the Dark Matter Digital Network. I'm managing two 24/7 live streams at this time. There is so much overlap between IPR and DMDN that it's not that much additional work. There is far more crossover than conflict.

 I will be introducing a new podcast and reformatting The Flat Earth Report. These 10-minute news-oriented podcasts will be recorded live in the mornings before I replay the previous night's live-stream.

This week I'm completing the edits on CONSPIRATAINED and recording the audiobook. The term is an appropriation. The MSM uses the word in a negative sense, as though the Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, the X-Files, and many other shows haven't already examined these areas of discourse. I like the term because the MSM wants to monopolize entertainment. They hate it that some people are more entertained by deconstructing lies and propaganda than by enjoying mainstream entertainment at face value. 

The premise of the book is that free speech needs to be protected, even at the cost of some people arriving at erroneous conclusions and that the freedom to think implies the freedom to be wrong. The elimination of WrongThink encourages ignorance over curiosity and investigation.  

 Lately, I've been describing the Infinite Plane Radio listeners as similar to Mystery Science Theatre 3000. A show about a captive audience force to watch bad sci-fi. Their way of coping is to comment on and mock what they see on the screen. It's their way of maintaining sanity. This is what the IPS has been from day 1. An oasis of sanity. 

The Infinite Plan is to keep it going indefinitely. The restructuring this week and the completion of my latest book marks the beginning of a new era, a Reset, which doesn't require masks or swabbing. This week I'll be in the Discord server making improvements. Feel free to message me there, here, or DM me on Twitter. 
Thank you all for the support since 2017. 


Tim Ozman

Infinite Plane Society

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