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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Deconstructing mainstream news is entertaining. This makes it dangerous.

 Deconstructing mainstream news is entertaining. This makes it dangerous.

We're not serving the usual fare that outraged conspiracy nutters are accustomed to. The usual theories, the ones that get talked about in the MSM, are gate-kept, guardrailed, and steered back into the safe zones of theories that don't question the basic integrity of the news media companies. 

We're not supposed to know that all mainstream news outlets covertly conspire to monolithically serve the purpose of propagandizing the multitudes. That media is how minds are governed. There is a GAME Program being played on all of us, globally:

Government: the political theatre

Academia: fake science 

Media: the psychological operations

Entertainment: brainwashing and preparatory conditioning for psyops

It is especially critical that we don't see through the fake ideological and partisan divides in media companies. The MSM's internal bickering is the same drama that keeps alive the illusion of actual contention and competition. There may be real sportsmanship in professional wrestling but the outcomes are contrived. It’s an act, not to be conflated with reality. The truth is that all television is reality television. None of it is objective, and every report is predicated upon the reality of what came before. We’re at a point where the integrity of the MSM worldview 

The drama is as important as the action; news is disinfo-tainment at a minimum. Even when they aren't conspiring with Big Government to terrorize you and take your rights, the news strives to be entertaining. 


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